• Quality and technology
The agglomerate of quartz one or bicoloured TRAFFICSTONE or TRAFFICSTONE-WAVE, the precious colouring researched in quarries NATURAL-STONE. Highly technological and performing KERLITE® top, transparency and charm of the GLASS to make bright reflexes’ tops...


Under top illumination is available for all kitchen tops: click on below image to see a few examples.

Under top illumination

• "Unique" surfaces for contemporary settings

Innovative and highly technological products  like KORAKRIL™ enables the manufacturing of products with properties like:

• total expression freedom
• no restrictions of size or shape
• elegant and perfect surfaces
• continuity of the lines without any interruption

From the more minimalist modern to the more traditional classic...

CORIAN® is an advanced blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer, used like decorative material in many residential and commercial applications.                             (DuPont™ and Corian® are a trademark and a registered trademark by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliate companies. Only DuPont produces Corian®)

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